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Parma Alasseva

14 February
Cats, border collies, dragons, and shiny things...One can never have too many of these.

I was born in Virginia, graduated from Salem High School, then wound up in Pittsburgh for four years. After graduating Carnegie Mellon University with a chemical engineering degree, I moved to Seattle where I live with two cats, two Border Collies, and my husband.

Version 3.1
GS/E d-(+) s: !a C++ UL+S P W++
N+ w+ !O M- V? PS++ PE Y+ PGP-
t++++ 5? X? R+ tv- b++++ DI++++
D G e++* h-(---) r+++ x+++
311, a capella, ad&d, agility, anne rice, archery, arstechnica, art, belly dancing, bike riding, bikes, biotechnology, board games, books, border collies, cars, case mods, cats, celtic culture, chemical engineering, clicker training, cmu, comics, computer games, computers, cooking, corvettes, crafts, cyberpunk, da vincis notebook, dancing, dave matthews band, david bowie, ddr, decorating, detroit red wings, dogs, dr pepper, dragons, drum corps, dvds, electronics, elektra, enterprise, fairy tales, fantasy, flowers, flyball, frank herbert, frisbee, gaelic storm, gamecube, games, gardening, geek code, gems, genealogy, george r.r. martin, graphic novels, harry potter, herbs, hiking, hockey, home improvement, hot tubs, impalas, isaac asimov, j k rowling, jazz, jennifer roberson, kawasaki vulcan, knives, labyrinth, legolas, long hair, lord of the rings, marching band, marion zimmer bradley, matrix, melanie rawn, mercedes lackey, metallica, morgan llywelyn, motorcycles, movies, mp3s, music, myths, nature, neal stephenson, neil gaiman, nintendo, nomad, obedience, orson scott card, outdoors, pagan, piano, piers anthony, quenya, quilts, reading, religion, robert jordan, robin hobb, rollerblading, sandman, science fiction, scuba, seattle, sindarin, snorkeling, snow skiing, soundtracks, spaceflight, spirituality, star trek, star wars, stones, subarus, swimming, swing, swords, tengwar, tolkien, tori amos, trans siberian orchestra, travel, ultimate frisbee, vancouver canucks, while you were out, william gibson, witchblade, xanth, xylophone, yakshaving, zelda