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ooh, sparkly

Sometimes working in a lab has its advantages.

Water + test tube + detergent + diamond ring + column cleaning brush + sonicator == extra sparkly clean diamond ring. :D

It's ridiculously sparkly yet again. Maybe I should do this more often than every year. ;) I also should get around to getting it sized before it gets much colder, I'm just all paranoid about leaving my ring with someone for very long. Whee.
.....SomethingAwful presents Biblical Endorsements!!!!


It's 64 degrees in my house. It's pitch black outside, no hint of dawn. I'm at my computer desk, in long sleeves, with a blanket.

I fscking hate winter.

home sweet home

So I managed to change my flights home today, and arrived at SeaTac at 1pm instead of 4:30pm. ezzie00 picked me up at the airport, and we got home a little after 2pm. A nice, relaxing afternoon and evening then followed. I like being home because of Chris, my cats, a couch, games, good food that I don't have to order from a restaurant, cold water in the bathroom tap, soft bed that has flannel sheets, tap water that doesn't taste funny, and just being home. Sleep now, however.

perusing the websites.....

2002 Ford Mustang GT Convertible
-5 speed manual transmission
-dark blue exterior, black top
-4.7L V8 engine

2003 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible, 50th Anniversary Edition
-5 speed automatic transmission (manual only available on the Z06)
-50th Anniversary red package
-5.7L V8 engine


pink, it's my new obsession

Well, not pink, but purple. ;)

Yesterday I bought a big-ass bag (tm) of M&Ms from costco, and when I opened it this morning to bring some to work, I found that purple M&Ms are now a reality. Yay!!! :D :D We now have red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and brown M&Ms. Fwee!

smooth yet psychadelic

1,042,550 on Garibaldi, with Psymon.

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

adventures at lunchtime

So today for lunch I was craving something solid, not just a cup of soup/noodles/tuna, so I convinced Julia to go with me to Red Robin for lunch. We got seats, I ordered my chicken burger, got my milkshake, and life was good. I got my burger, and the second bite had an odd consistency.....it was raw on the inside! Only about the outer 1/4" was cooked, the rest of the burger was raw chicken. Yuck! I sent it back, and not only did I get a fresh cooked burger, I got effusive apologies and my lunch was free. So it all turned out well. :)

in Your FACE / and it feels So GOOD

Finally, I am the SSX Tricky Master.

With my bad boy boarder Psymon, we have conquered even the icy hellhole known as Alaska, with a 230,000 point final trick that bumped me up to a score of 550,000 to take the gold. FUCK YEAH.

me, bored? never....

Top score for googlewhacking over the last half-hour: 585,000, for "cthulhu nalgene."

And now it's finally time to get my stuff together and go home.