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Well, UPS found my package, and is shipping it to me and it should be here by 01/30/2002. At this point they should fucking ship it overnight air, not ground, imho. Here's a copy of the tracking record for amusement's sake:

Jan 23, 2002
7:09 A.M. - PORTLAND, OR, US - In Transit To
7:08 A.M. - LITTLE ROCK, AR, US - Departure Scan
12:58 A.M. - LITTLE ROCK, AR, US - Location Scan

Jan 22, 2002
11:21 P.M. - LITTLE ROCK, AR, US - Arrival Scan
7:21 P.M. - BLYTHEVILLE, AR, US - Departure Scan
6:53 P.M. - BLYTHEVILLE, AR, US - Origin Scan

Jan 2, 2002
9:19 P.M. - TRENTON SORT, NJ, US - Origin Scan

I'm glad they found the package, but why the HELL was it in ARKANSAS???? And why did it take twenty days to get there from New Jersey?? This is just too bizarre.....but at least we're getting the package, and if there's one scratch on it I'm putting in a claim. ;)