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music fun!

Just played xylophone for a while....I've got muscle memory from eight years ago, which is kind of freaky. I barely needed the music for my sophomore show, and I could play the drum solo from my junior year (which is hella fast) when I quit thinking about it. That was fun, and yet again makes me want to pick up a vibraphone, a bells, a tom, and a crash cymbal. ;)

And Ezzie downloaded some DDR songs from kazaa, so now I'm hyper. He says we can get the pc version of the game pads and he'll set it up on his computer (more room and a cement floor so I don't shake the house) so I can play. YAYAAAAAYY!!!!!

hyper hyper hyper.......ICE CREAM!!!!!!!!!!

(and I really need a massively happy/bouncy/hyper picture)

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