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reticulating splines again

Today I picked up a copy of The Sims Unleashed, and it's awesome! Not only are there more items, but the neighborhoods are 10x bigger, there are now "community plots" where you can make a park, a store, or whatever, and there are pets! My couple has adopted a grey tabby, and she's just adorable. Pretty darn lifelike, even for the standard already set for The Sims. :)

We also picked up a set of rental skis/boots for me, at the price of $160 for now until April 15th. Free upgrades/exchanges whenever I want, so I can try out other boots or skis if I like, free waxing/edging whenever, and the cost of the rental applies to the cost of new equipment from them. Plus any new equipment that I buy, I can demo with no hassle. Finally, if something happens (say a pole breaks) and I have to rent while I'm at the ski resort, they'll reimburse me for that rental. Now I want to go skiing, dammit!

Hm, I should really get around to doing some of the stuff I wanted to do today. The Sims just sucked up my entire afternoon. ;)