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too many things to do

All of a sudden, I have too many things to do. Yesterday I worked all day (a rarity recently), came home, went to chiropracter, read herb book, went to belly dance, ate dinner, read magick book, then showered and went to bed. No free time at all. I think I may have to cut down on the amount of things I try to do in one day (see my 1/21 post for more info). Hopefully today at work will be a little calmer, so I can do my herb study while I"m here and have more time at home (tonight is Enterprise!).

In other news, the invitations have arrived and I"m going to pick them up tonight. I hope the printers got them right, they kept trying to change my wording on me, necessitating 2 proofs. Of course, now it's imperative that Ezzie's mom gets the rest of the guest list back to me. Yay. And I'm still stuck on whether or not to invite my whole group from work, or just the three I've socialized with outside of work. Space is not an issue, it'd be cool if everyone came, I just don't want people to feel obligated to try to come to NJ from WA, or to buy me a present or something like that. Hm.

Lots of phone calls to make today, I hope I remembered them all in my list. Well, off to start up this experiment.