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whee, work!

Wow, it looks like I have stuff++ to do at work this week. This is awesome, I feel so productive and useful and an asset to the company!
-repeating 4-experiment project today through Thursday (including concentrating feed material today or tomorrow)
-further exploring a new viral inactivation step today/tomorrow
-submitting samples from above experiments for assays galore
-writing up presentation for departmental meeting on Friday

And I've decided to start doing workout videos at home every day except Tuesday, which is belly dance lesson day. I'll start out with just the one I've had for a while, and if I keep it up I'll get the belly dance aerobics one that my teacher has mentioned before. This way I'll get a little cardio in along with the strengthening/shaping of belly dance. And now I'm fully recovered from the flu, so I start tonight with no excuses, including keeping track of weight and hip/waist size on a calendar. Fwee!

Plus it looks like everyone else is doing pretty well, according to LJ at least. So yay all around!