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creativity and accomplishment

I like Fridays, because my boss leaves at 3pm so I can leave at about 3:10pm. :) That means I can be productive, in spite of the 405 being backed up to hell and back at 4:30pm today.
-went to Target and got a crockpot and a stepstool
-bought supplies at Home Depot and Michaels
-searched for candles, unsuccessfully

I talked to a woman at the Hyatt today, and I can bring extra candles for the centerpieces as long as I provide a holder for each ones. Since candle holders are way too expensive for this scale (at least 15, possibly more), I decided to make some. I got some 34 cent black 4x4 inch tiles, then decorated them with purple and silver pens and some sparkly stickers. They look pretty good, I think, though I've only done 8 of the 15 I bought today. I can only do about 4 in a row before the pen fumes overcome me. :)

Then I updated my webpage for the first time in four months. Of course, my copy of ftp has expired, so I'll have to wait until Ezzie gets home to actually upload my updates. Oh well, it's still done. :D Now to go read "Children of Dune" for a while, or possibly watch a DVD.

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