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with silver bells and cockleshells......

Today I took jnanacandra to the gardens where I volunteer, and we wandered around for a half hour or so. As we were getting ready to leave, Paul caught me and asked if I'd like to have some irises, which they had split over the weekend. I wound up going home with a bucket full of all kinds of irises, including purple, green, red, white, and some others to boot.

Once we got home I determined that the best place for the irises was in the backyard behind the deck, so I ripped out some ugly spiny plants while hk loosened the soil. We then planted all the irises (nearly 30 of them!), and now just to wait until next spring. While I was at it, we went ahead and trimmed the maple trees and the bushy green thing that grow next to (and onto!) the deck. Finally, I got ezzie00 to clean out the nasty moldy cooler and meerkat299 to fix the patio screen doors.

Now I'm cooking a turkey breast with sliced oiled herbed red potatoes for dinner while the boys play Cel Damage. Life is good. :)

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