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wedding music opinions?

About two weeks ago I realized that we have no idea what we're doing for wedding ceremony music. Our choices seem to be CDs or find a pianist very fast. Right now I'm leaning towards the CD route, but I'm looking for more music selections than we have in our own collection. What I'm looking for are instrumental, vaguely Celtic in flavor, medium-paced songs for the processional and recessional. I'm now leaning towards the "Opening Credits/Storybook Love" from The Princess Bride for the processional, but have no idea what to use for the recessional. Anyone have any suggestions?

My next question is primarily directed at those who are ballroom dancers. Chris and I will be taking dance lessons in the next few weeks so that he learns how and I get a brush-up. For our first dance, I really want to use "Hanging by a Moment" by Lifehouse, which is a cool rock love song that was also used in the Stanley Cup commercials last May/June. From dancing around the living room, I think that a half-time rumba for the slow parts and a normal rumba for the fast parts (chorus) will work, but I'm not sure. Can any of you other dancers give me an idea here?

Whee, now to head off to a meeting.

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