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what a show!

I just got back from the Brass in the Grass DCI show. The Madison Scouts and the Santa Clara Vanguard were the main attractions in Division One, with two other Div I corps, a Div 3 corps, and two exhibition. Plus the United States Marine Corps Drum and Bugle Corps, which was excellent.

Very good shows all around, judging sucked as usual (the Vanguard won over the Scouts by 5 points, apparently the judges weren't watching the same show I was), and one of the corps that performed was a senior corps...i.e. no age limit. They're small, and not very good this year, but it's something I may join anyway. They are the Northwest Venture and I talked to one of the members for a while. They only do a limited number of shows, so there's no 3-month sabbatical required, and it's for all ages, so I can still play with them. I may just do this.....hey cortneyofeden, wanna move to Seattle and play with me? :D

Dinnertime now.

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