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so, some fun stuff did happen this weekend....

The Ars meet was huge. 40 people showed up, with about 30 or so present at any given time from about 3pm to 10pm. People were there from 1pm to 1:30am, when we finally kicked out the last few people before I just fell asleep on the couch. 15 pounds of meat, a case of Thomas Kemper soda, two cases of beer, 8 bags of chips, 18 twoliters of soda, and 3 pounds of m&ms were enjoyed by all. Lots of pictures were taken, including some involving lightsabers to be photoshopped to add the light blades, and many quotes were written down. I'll post a link here later so anyone who's interested can see. Oh, and several attendees have named me the "geekiest woman they know." r0x0r!

Yeah, and there's this guy who works for EA who showed up with a bunch of ps2 and gamecube games, plus some clothing schwag to boot. He wanted me and Ezzie to have the games for hosting, PeterB to have a item of clothing for traveling all the way from London, and the others are for me to decide what to do with. I'll probably use them as gifts for future hosts.

Sunday was DnD day, which went pretty well allowing for the fact of teh family bs going on, that ezzie00 and I were tired, and that the guy staying at our place was playing ps2 all day. Game is getting interesting, although continually dragged off-track. Development of the day was "cat mines," where you knock out a chunk of rock which pops out into a full grown cat. Veins of calico, Russian blues, and the area of Sphynxes were all discussed.

Cleaned house last night, though there's still a lot to be done. The garbage men are going to just looooove us this week. Still need to work in garden to trim bluebells and weed around lavendar, plus trim some trees, and the rest of the everpresent weeding. Also want to play ddr, like right now.

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