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this post courtesy of mozilla

For about a year, I've said that if Mozilla ever got around to releasing a 1.0 client, I'd download it and use it. Today I was finally able to get through to the website, and that's what I'm using now. So far it's working well, as it renders Livejournal and TheThingsIWant correctly, although the cursor setup in this Update Journal window is a little odd. It also imported all my Nutscrape stuff perfectly, including mail, bookmarks, and newsgroups. There's also a little function where you can drag icons from the url bar into your "personal toolbar" but I can't get it to work yet.

Worked in the herbal gardens for three hours today, taking down a huge stand of comfrey and then weeding. Even had lunch there, and took lots of pictures of the beautiful blooming irises. I got to bring some home too - a dark purple and yellow, a pale lilac, a white with purple edges, and a blue-purple with white specks. My kitchen is pretty now.

Going to go see Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood tonight and then have dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, yay for girl's night out! Then back to work tomorrow, meh. But it is sunny now, which is good.

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