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the sticky web of CMU

Last night Ezzie and I went to see the Vancouver Canucks play the Pittsburgh Penguins. Pretty good game, though the Pens seemed to think that it was only a one-period game, as the 2nd period was the only time they played decently. Mario Lemiuex got a goal though, but they lost to Vancouver 5-2.

Now I originally got these tickets (plus the ones to see Detroit last October) through Heather's ex-fiance Rob, who works with a guy named Stephan who has 4 season tickets that he sells off during the year. During the third period of the game, the two guys sitting next to us asked me if we were from CMU, since we were in Stephan's seats and were rooting for Mario. Surprise surprise, they were both ex-CMU folk who now work for the Evil Empire. Dan should've graduated in 1988, back when SCS was known as CSG, and Jeff should've graduated in 1991 but stuck around until 1995. But wait, it gets worse. Jeff knows Shawn quite well, and saw him just about a month or so ago. Plus both of them know Rob, and Jeff remembers meeting Heather at some point.

It's just so weird to keep running into random CMU people out here, especially people who know the same people you do.

Meh, now to try to do work on six hour's sleep. Yuck. :( At least the USA border guards were nice this time around. :)

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