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boom! splat! ow?

Today at work we had a team-building event - paintball!! We went to this place down near Tacoma which is basically a huge acreage of forest portioned off into various paintball fields, complete with barricades and hiding places. It was so much fun, and not nearly as dangerous as I thought it would be.

Our team won all of the games (we rock!), even with gun trouble by some people (I went through 3 guns before getting one that worked consistently). It's lots of fun to shoot paintballs at people. :) I only got "killed" twice, both headshots - one on my mask, and one on my head (that one hurt, and there's a bit of a welt). During a last tiny scrimmage I got tagged on my shoulder, and that didn't bother me at all. I had a great time sniping people, although my knees are sore from all the crouching and rolling in the dirt...

Everyone should go play paintball. :D

Now for Luigi's Mansion, then to pick up teh ezzie at the aiport later.


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May. 18th, 2002 05:45 am (UTC)
I once played paintball with my church youthgroup (these were the days when i still went to church..) I was about 14. One guy came up right in front of me and shot me from about 4 feet away and hit me SQUARE in the forehead. There was more than a welt and unfortunately my mask did not protect me. I had my school pictures two days later. Boy was that embaressing.
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