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last day off from work

Well, I was actually pretty productive today. :)

-took ezzie00 to airport
-went to Costco to obtain soda, juice, and a few other sundries
-unloaded Costco stuff, then went to lunch with a friend
-bought new dishes and enough silverware to finish out a service for 8, and since stuff was on sale I got everything I wanted, plus some additional stuff, for slightly less than I had budgeted
-washed all new dishes and silverware, plus all old dishes and silverware
-packed up old dishes and silverware securely in boxes with padding and peanuts, to be stored until my little sister needs them in college
-went to dive shop and turned in my mask for repair and bought wetsuit cleaner
-soaked wetsuit and dive boots in cleaner and left in bathroom to dry flat
-wrote 4 thank you notes
-unpacked rest of luggage, put away empty luggage and scuba gear
-checked hot tub pH and water level
-sent in preliminary registration for obtaining a puppy from the local malamute rescue league

To Do Tonight:
-put away rest of toiletries
-brush cats and clip claws (before I get shredded from the affection!)
-clean up boxes and packing material in living room
-pack up souvenirs to send to family
-eat dinner

Still lots of stuff to do yet, but I feel like I"ve made a good dent in the pile. I wish I didn't have to go back to work though, I'm very happy now since I've been out of the rumor mill for two weeks. Oh well, vacation's over, I'll deal just like everybody else. :)

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