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Found out yesterday that in spite of their bad loss to St. Louis last Tuesday, the Red Wings came back and spanked them in the next two games to go to the West Conference playoffs. They'll play either San Jose or Colorado, depending on who wins/won this series (haven't checked last night's scores yet). Yay!

There was a game room on the cruise ship, and I forgot to tell everyone about it. There was air hockey, which I rule - won 7 of the 8 games that ezzie00 and I played. There was also a Ms Pac-Man arcade game, which many of you know that Ezzie is really really obnoxiously good at. Well, his high score on one credit was 201090, and this game allowed continues so he set the high score on the machine to be something ridiculous like 393000 with only 4 games. There was also a DDR 3rd Mix machine on board, so I played on that a good bit, enough to get little blisters on my toes from playing barefoot. Got decent enough at about 4 songs, only on Moderate, but hey, I'm happy. :) Last time I played on the day we left I got a B rating with a max combo of 75, go me! We might be getting the Gamecube and PS2 in the next few weeks, so then I'll get to play some more DDR, fwee!

Yesterday we went to see Spider-Man. Damn. Go see this movie right now if you haven't, it's absolutely awesome! I was pretty impressed with the "comic book" feel of the movie, since X-Men (while a neat movie) didn't really have. The effects were done well, and the storyline was pretty nifty, even if it left large areas that screamed "SEQUEL" hanging at the end. ;) But it's a comic book series, after all, so sequels wouldn't surprise me. Now I haven't read any of the comic books, so if anyone wants to comment on how close the movie was to the books, I'd like to hear about it. :) Oh yeah, and boys in spandex = teh win.

Leaving to take Ezzie to the airport in a half hour or so, then to Costco on my way home. After that lunch with friends from work, then to the mall to pick up kitchen stuff that we didn't get as wedding presents with the money we did. I've never had this much money to spend before, it's been fun planning what we're going to do with it. :) A new couch, assorted kitchen stuff, desk furniture for Ezzie, possibly a PS2 and Gamecube, and maybe even a puppy! Plus we'll get to do this again after the merger closes, when I get my phat bonus for dealing with all this merger stuff.

This was a little longer than I intended. Whoops. :)

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