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kitties! seattle! home!

Well, we're home now. Yay!

Sint Maarten
This was a nifty place, we liked it a lot. Our dive sites for the day were out at the edge of the Atlantic, so the water was pretty choppy. The first dive was a blast - saw two reef sharks (9 ft and 4 ft), a sleeping stingray, a couple of barracuda, and a four foot long lobster. I'm not lying, this thing was fucking HUGE, and walking around just as casual as could be. Unfortunately it hid before Ezzie saw it. :( We then came up from that dive to go to the next site, and unfortunately during that trip I started getting seasick for the first time ever. That sucks, I don't recommend it. At any rate, I did get sick over the side, and then Ezzie and one of the dive masters buckled me back into my gear so I could go on the second dive so I could not be on the rocking boat for another hour. Once I was underwater again I was fine, but it wasn't much fun being sick.

After showering and lunch, we wandered around the town for a while. Very pretty, and just like the other towns with a jewelry store for at least 7 out of every 10 stores you saw. Found a nifty stone called rainbow topaz, but they were expensive. Finished getting souvenirs for the family, then headed back to the boat. I watched as we left dock from my balcony, and as we were moving away a speedboat comes tearing up to the ship - some moron had missed the boat! That was pretty funny.

St. Thomas
Best dive boat we had all week - a catamaran that was rated for 49 people, with only 8 divers and 3 crew aboard. No sickness here! :) First dive was fun, saw a reef shark in the distance, then found a sleeping stingray that was wider than my armspan. Lots of coral and fishies. Next dive was over two sunken Navy barges from WWII, which were blown up for target practice and as such we could weave in and out of them quite easily. TONS of spiky sea urchins, with about 8-12" spikes, lots of coral, and even some fire coral. Saw a swimming stingray too. One of the divemasters on this dive was videotaping both dives, and we bought a DVD of the dive that will be edited just for us and sent to us soon. Whee!

Trip home was meh, the important thing is that we got here. Came home to find happy purring kitties and a couple boxes. Opened the presents (yay cooking stuff from an uncle!), played with the kitties, and went to bed. Sleeping in my own bed is nice.

Now it's time to catch up on news, email, and LJ, then to go buy food to fill our empty fridge. :)

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