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Wow, actual stuff to do at work today! Yay!!
-cleaned out machine, purged valves, put in new buffer, and am running a blank run to test that it's okay after the winter break
-going to make buffer for tomorrow
-going to confirm experiment plan for tomorrow
-write up experiment plan for the next project, hopefully to start on Wednesday
-work on presentation for departmental meeting (though who knows when they'll get around to me)

And tomorrow I'm leaving work at 2:30pm to go to Vancouver and go see the Penguins play the Canucks. W00tage! Maybe Mario will play, that would be really cool. At any rate I'll get to see Hedberg kick some ass. :) Ezzie wants to go skiing this weekend, so we may wind up doing that - no idea where the money will come from, but I suppose it's about time we did something fun anyway.