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aruba and curacao, now at sea

Title says it all in a nutshell. Ship is wiggling a bit due to the sea, so I"ll try to keep this short so I don't get a headache. Plus our seating for dinner is at 8:30pm.

Aruba - Kinda rundown, surprisingly. First dive started okay, but when we surfaced there were 3 snorkel boats and 2 more dive boats around, making it very crowded and confusing. Second dive was much better, I got to play with a sea urchin - it has suckers on the bottom that stick to your hand when you hold it! Walked around the main town for a while (Oranjested), and bought a string of freshwater pearls for me. :) They even had these cool dark green preals too, but they were almost two grand. Gorgeous though.

Curacao - Much better, in my opinion. Dock was nicer, and city looked cleaner. Had a fabulous time on the two dives today, with a huge coral reef/shelf thing (dive to 80 feet, woot) lots of fishies, including several blowfish (couldn't get any to inflate though), a big crab, a tiny blue shrimp, a spiky lobster hiding under a wreck, and tons and tons of blue, yellow, rainbow, and other kinds of fish. That kind of dive reminds me of an aquarium, and is very vwery fun.

On the way back to the ship, we passed through a tent that had a bunch of local vendors. I glanced over at a food/drink stall, and BAM the guy had Dr Pepper!!! I'd spent a while in Aruba looking for it to no avail, so I was very very happy. So I walk up to the guy and say, "how much will $20 buy me?" and he says "13 cans." I say great, and he brings one sixpack out, and looks at me to confirm I actually wanted everything. Yup, you're right, I do! :) TOok them back to the cabin and now I am soda-enabled for the rest of the trip. ezzie00 was very amused, and claims that I'd have knocked over my mom if she was in my way at that point. I don't think I was that bad, least he's finding drinks that he likes on the ship, and I"ve been pretty much SOL so far.

Well internet is expensive so forgive me for typos, I don't want to waste time looking for them. I hope everyone is happy and healthy, and hugs and kisses to those who are sad right now, sorry we can't respond individually. We weill return on Sunday evening, so look for emails and more posts then. Bye!!

Love, me and Ezzie

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