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Blah. Are we there yet?

His mom's trying to figure out seating charts, after I already put them together the way I wanted them. She's not touching our table or those of our friends, but she keeps putting my mom in with all these random people we don't know. If she wants to sit with random cousins she made us invite, fine - but I'm not putting my mom there with nobody she knows. Grrr.

Tent people are here to put up the tent over the back porch. Their truck is blocking both garages so I can't go anywhere. Sigh.

So far I've read all of the second Star Trek Khan book, and am about 1/3 the way through Shelters of Stone. I guess if I finish that today I'll start working on the Dune chronicles. I took Mindy (resident German Shepherd) for a walk on Monday, and I think I"ll repeat that again today - it's very nice to walk witho nobody nattering at me or expecting me to do anything. Pretty houses being built around here too.

Meh. I think I need some caffeine.

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