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quiet day, yay

-applied for marriage license this morning, it'll be ready on Thursday
-went grocery shopping with Mom, yay Breyer's ice cream on sale for $2.75
-watched end of Spy Game with Ezzie
-played with seating arrangements for reception, finalized friends tables
-took Mindy for a walk, looked at the big houses, forgot what dogs do on walks (found some trash and scooped it to the side of the road), enjoyed fresh air
-watched Third Watch to see the end of the ER storyline from last week
-am watching the LA-Colorado game for a little while longer, then shower and bed

Fwee. Not going to work is a Nice Thing, even if I still miss my kitties. My feet are cold, although the laptop is keeping the rest of me warm. Wireless internet is a good thing, it lets me watch hockey and websurf at the same time. :)


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Apr. 29th, 2002 08:02 pm (UTC)
And apparently LJ takes it's "time posted" from the computer you're posting from. Ezzie's laptop is still set to Seattle time, even though we're in New Jersey now. :)

Oh well, it amused me anyway. Perhaps I should go to bed now.
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