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nine hours on a plane later....

Well, I wrote out a long LJ post a while ago, but IE burped and ate it. :(

It took us nine hours on a plane in order to get from Seattle to Newark, due to crappy weather conditions at Chicago that necessitated two 45-minute tarmac waits, on at SeaTac and one at O'Hare. Didn't get in to NJ until 11:30pm, got to the Adiletta house at 12:30am, and I went to bed around 1:45am. And no dinner, and only a tiny lunch.

Got up at 7:30 this morning to go out and apply for the marriage license. French toast sticks are surprisingly nummy. Went and applied for the license (wtf, my father's name has to be on this? dammit), it'll be ready on Thursday. Came home, picking up breakfast on the way - I love pancakes, yummmm. Slightly confused tummy, but it will survive now that it's been fed.

Dress and other wedding stuffs made it here safely. Now to figure out what to do this week, other than tie ribbons on bubbles and fight over the seating chart. :)

I miss my kitties already. :(