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First, the Detroit Red Wings have vanquished the Vancouver Canucks in Game 6 by a score of 6-4 to go to the quarterfinals. GO WINGS!!!

Yesterday was pretty good. Left work at 11:30am (decided it was a Mental Health Day), and came home to pack and clean up and be quiet. Watched some of the Islanders-Maple Leafs game too. About 7pm some friends started showing up for a bbq, which was fun. Yummy burgers, Dr. Mario, Munchkin, and Lord of the Fries were enjoyed by all. Christy brought one of her malamutes in (think extra large Husky if you haven't seen one), causing the cats to become New Double-Size Horror Cat (tm) and start hissing and growling at the intruder. Poor Henry (the malamute) was very confused because he was just sitting there quietly and Onyx started swiping at him when I got too close with her. Cats got taken downstairs where they stayed for the rest of the night, despite inducement to come upstairs. Oh, and at about 12:30 Christy decided it was time to make cookies, which was funny.

Slept late today, and the auto-cat-feeder thingy I got works fine, yay. Cleaned up a bit, watched a bit of hockey, then off I went to Lynnwood. Picked up some presents for the bridal party, had lunch at Wendy's (bastards put cheese on my burger though), got my car washed, picked up rechargeable batteries and a headphone jack splitter at best buy, and also got the second book in the Eugenics Wars series. Maybe I'll pick up Shelters of Stone next week, but we'll see - I'm taking the Star Trek book, Confessions of a Ugly Stepsister, and three Dune books.

Watched even more hockey, as mentioned above. Went to Hollywood Video to pick up DVDs for the plane flight, and since we couldn't agree we got two - Zoolander and Spy Game. Now it's time for Dungeon Siege, then dinner later, then more Dungeon Siege.

We're leaving the house tomorrow morning at about 9:30 for a noon flight, and we'll arrive in NJ around 9:30-10pm. Whee.

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