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kitties like turkey

The catsitter came by last night, and since it was Kittycat Dinner Time (tm) I made them dinner while she was there, to show her the new additives and stuff. Of course, having a Strange Person around meant that they didn't eat a whole lot of their dinner (silly kitties). ezzie00 and I had baked turkey and mashed potatoes for dinner, and some turkey was left over after we took our servings. Ezzie then suggests I feed the turkey to the cats so they won't be hungry. :)

I cut some up into small pieces (about 0.5" square) and put them on a plate on the floor. Obsidian tore right into them, grabbing one, walking away to eat it, then coming back for another chunk. Onyx kind of looked interested, but didn't eat anything, prompting Ezzie to comment "I think we have the only anorexic cat in the world." He then tried to hand-feed her some turkey, but she still didn't want any. After I finished dinner, I tried feeding her little tiny bits of turkey, which she then started eating. Apparently the chunks were too big for her dainty little self. :) Both kitties had a good dinner of turkey, apparently so much so that they weren't dying for breakfast this morning.

Cramps are teh suck. Having nothing to do at work is teh suck. Sunshine is teh win.