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more sunny day

Pretty sunny day today, happy me.

All employee meeting, quiet insults, arrogance, doubletalking, refusal to give straight answers, uncertainty remains. Lunch on the bus.

Quiet at work, not much to do, leave to buy hot dog buns and m&ms.

Home, sun, new checks (wow, I'm really going to be Joy Adiletta soon), snuggly kitties, snackyfood. Outside to throw frisbee, ouchy, don't hit the brambles, look out, dodge cars, remembering more throws, cloudy, starts getting colder.

Inside, trim Ezzie's hair, cat sitter visits, pretty kitties, food, whoops need more canned food, new food dish, medicine, mail, packages check. Turkey and mashed potatoes for dinner, more dungeon siege. Later renew subscriptions, pc gamer, smithsonian, popular science, hmmm I miss reading playboy, maybe I should resub to that, work on quilt, pet kitties, and now more dungeon siege.