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soak up the sun, part 2

Came home today and it was still sunny and blue skies and generally happy weather, so I harnessed the kitties and took them outside. Today wasn't much of a walk, as one person to two kitties = bad things, so I pretty much sat down and let them explore up to the length of the leashes. Both kitties had lots of fun, including their tag-team effort at catching a bumblebee, miraculously without getting stung.

However, the real fun was to be had when a squirrel appeared. Both kitties had been hanging out under a bush in the shade for a while, and the squirrel appeared on a nearby tree about 18" from the ground. A standoff then was in place for about five minutes, as all three animals stared at each other, even ignoring the occasional traffic. Curious, I scooted closer to the cats so that they'd have slack in their leashes, and Onyx started stalking. All of a sudden BAM she pounces, actually managing to yank the leash out of my hand, and makes it about four feet up the tree (this is an evergreen with no branches to about 15-20 feet). At the same time, Obsidian freaks and runs back towards the house, which is naturally the opposite direction. I take off after her, grabbing her leash back, while he gets dragged a bit behind me (sorry kitty!). Onyx proceeds to sit there and glare at the squirrel while it cusses her out roundly from its perch safe above. I then managed to grab her so I could go put Obsidian in the house before he pulled free of his harness, and today's great outdoor adventure was over.

While outside I got to sit in the sun, watch kitties at play, and enjoy wildlife. There's an owl around here somewhere, and I got a look at the woodpecker we've been hearing recently. The vinca juniper blooms are also really pretty....mmm purple. But now I'm hungry, so it's time for a snack while I wait for the catsitter to visit and then for me to go to belly dance.
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