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soak up the sun

Sunshine greeted me this morning, a full day ahead of when the weatherfolk said it would appear. Bah to them, yay for me! Spent an hour in the lab with my sunglasses on 'cause hell if I'm going to shut the shades when there's finally some sunlight available! Mt Rainier was even visible for a little while this morning, but clouds have moved in to obscure it.

Deli lunch today. Mmmmm roast beef.

The catsitter is coming over tonight to pick up the key and instructions for the house. I also need to go buy more cat litter at some point so I can change out the box before we leave. Probably some new toys to comfort the kitties while we're gone too. I wish they could come with me.

Lots of fun playing DS last night. ezzie00 and I made it to Meren, though we almost got killed right outside the city. I hate running out of potions. At least it's a bit easier now that he can summon creatures, as the summoned creature will go take the majority of the damage while he and I can hang back and do our badass distance thing. I've got 21 levels in Ranged and 10 levels in Melee at this point, whee. My melee weapon is cool - the Secret Mincemeat of Promise. That's just an amusing name.

Also have bellydance class tonight, but alas no new costume for me. The woman selling it wants $450 for it, to which I laughed. If I had that much money my ass would be playing a new GameCube. ;) I'll have to figure out how to make a costume of some sort after the wedding if I want to perform at our end of year party in June.

Quiet here at work today, the bosses are downtown meeting with folks from our contract manufacturing plant. I'm finishing up a refold and then doing a blank run to test the pump on my machine. Then I'm not sure what else to do for the week - meetings prevent me from doing another refold, and there's no chromatography to be done, and cleaning and storing my machine doesn't take too long. Oh well. :)


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Apr. 23rd, 2002 10:35 am (UTC)
Gamecube lamecube. Xbox or PS2 is where it's at. ;)

If you want to play Dsiege later. look for me on the zone. zonematch name is dscherck.

Game will either be siegerific, or [ars]lurker's game with a PW of "arstechnica"
Apr. 23rd, 2002 12:41 pm (UTC)
I'll pass that on to Chris, but probably no DS for me tonight. I've got bellydancing class, plus the catsitter is visiting, plus I need to pick up stuff in Lynnwood. Tomorrow maybe. :)
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