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american airlines and luggage

I just checked out the requirements for luggage allowances on American Airlines, who we're using for our wedding trip (SeaTac -> Newark -> San Juan -> SeaTac). They're incredibly anal, and don't allow much luggage, which is probably going to result in lugagge fees for us. Damn. They allow 2 checked and one carryon luggage, which is fine, but you either get 2 checked at 26 inches total (length + width + height) or 1 checked at 45 inches. Our standard rolly bags are 30 inches, and the giganto bag we got is 60 inches. We each need to check a rolly bag, plus the giganto bag, plus a garment bag - two bags each, just not within their standards.

At least the carryon luggage fits, mostly - the box for my wedding dress is 46 inches, where they require 45, but I don't think that's too big of a problem, and my little duffel is well within the size of "a personal item." That much is good, at least.

Sigh. Anyone have experience with American Airlines and how anal they're likely to be? I've only ever flown UsAir and JetBlue, so don't have any prior knowledge of them.

In other news, we bought deck cleaner, a sprayer, and lawn-moss-killer stuff today at Home Depot. The HD needs to have a bigger lot - it takes 20 minutes of vulturing to find a spot there, which is teh suck. Now just need to go outside and actually clean the deck...whee. I want to have a bbq/games party next Friday before we go, so that's the incentive to clean the deck.

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