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good wedding news and strange mod projects

Yay!! Thanks to kaote's new job at Half-Price Books, she can now take the time off and come to my wedding! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!
Some of you may be aware of "computer case mods" where people put in extra fans, windows, lighting, and so on into their computer cases. Some mods are simple, some complex, but it's a growing community of people who call themselves "case modders." Anyway, you need to know this term for the next story to make sense. ;)

Today ezzie00 stated that he wants to add a fan to the litterbox, as Obsidian spent quite a while in there this morning trying to cover something up. He then elaborated with "yeah, computer fans, with a power supply" to which I responded "holy shit, you want to mod the litterbox??!!" Then I promptly nearly fell over laughing. :D :D

The scary part is that we then started rationally discussing how to put in a motion sensor or a pressure plate, with a light and a fan and how to power them and get it to be silent, just like this was something normal for people to do. Hehehehe.

edited for clarity in the case mod paragraph....guess I shouldn't write at work....;)</i

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