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ph34r my domestic skillz

Hehehehehehe. I just finished my very first block of the quilt I am making. Go me!!! I used Google to find directions on how to do this one technique that was just mentioned, not explained, in the pattern instructions and I was set. Got the sewing machine running, still have an iron I borrowed from Christy, and away I went! Wheeeeee! It looks pretty good, with it only being a little bit off in one or two places, and looks much better than I expected. The colors also go together much better than I had even hoped, and it looks great both up close and from a distance. Yaaaay!! Now I just have 55 more to make. ;)

Had steak and potatoes for dinner, yummm. Played lots of Dungeon Siege too, yay pretty graphics and fun items, boo to monsters that attack my packmule and knock it out. Now off to read my book with some ice cream. Fwee!

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