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happy day

So ezzie00 came home late last night, we said hello and talked a bit, then went to bed 'cause it was late. This morning he woke me up with breakfast in bed, as well as his ideas for the day (which included Barnes and Noble). :) :) :) Then we went to dance class, where he was working harder than I was, 'cause for some reason I couldn't stop yawning, and I kept messing up this one step. Next, we went by a couple stores to pick up stuff - folding chairs, frames for jnanacandra art, books (including The Eugenics Wars: The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh), and lunch. Then home, where I framed the art and did some fabric cutting. After that we went back out and saw Van Wilder, which was pretty funny. Then home again, an argument/discussion/makeup, and on to playing lots of Dungeon Siege. Unfortunately DS keeps crashing Ezzie's computer, so he's not making much progress, while I"m happily bashing my way through dungeons quite a ways ahead of him. Whee. :)