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yeah. update and stuff

UPS and FedEx must love us. Four packages this week, not counting whatever might come today. :) My dress is here, it's fabulous and is the perfect length now. Just need to trim the cording and possibly baste or hem a spot on the bottom layer so I don't step on it. Still need to practice dancing to our song in it, just to make sure - but practice steps indicated that it's fine, as long as I step "around" the bustle instead of directly backwards with feet close together. Won't be a perfect dance, but this ain't competition.

So far 98 people are coming to the wedding, 47 are not coming, leaving 79 people I haven't heard from. If this includes you, please respond asap.

Ezzie got his tax refund today. No sign of mine yet, although it had to be mailed in 'cause my mom screwed up hers by listing me as a dependent, so although she filed an amended one I still couldn't efile. Mine'll be direct deposit though, which is good. :)

Christie showed me how to cut material for my quilt today at lunch. I'll probably start working on that this evening, whee.

Going out in a little while to a bar in Kenmore that has good food with some people from work. Then to pick up the copy of Dungeon Siege that a friend got for me, and back home. La la la.