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starship troopers and dungeon siege

I just finished reading Heinlein's Starship Troopers today. Very good book, I enjoyed it, but the movie had only a passing familiarity with the book. I'm not sure why they even called it an adaptation of the book, as it appears that a few names and the war on the Bugs are the only things in common. Still a good, brainless, blow-shit-up movie, just not Heinlein's work.

Ezzie picked up a copy of Dungeon Siege today and I've been playing it for the last hour and a half ("my" copy will arrive this week via a friend, and he'll get that one - right now he's playing the comic book game). Prettty......:) It's hard to get used to the interface after Diablo, for example you click once to attack an enemy, not hold down a click! Dealing with a second person in my party is kind of hard too, she's died twice 'cause I'm having trouble getting them both to function together. The pause button is very very very useful. My 'puter can also run this at 1024x768, 32-bit color with no hiccups. (geek.penis++) Must stop now though, need to sleep for tomorrow. ;)

Went to the Owl and Thistle this evening for a friend's bday party. Nice place, good food, but I forgot how truly nasty the smell of cigarette smoke is. It got all over me, so I had to strip down and put on clean clothes when I got home. Also started raining so I couldn't put coats and jeans outside to air out, so just spread them out in the dining room so they'll clear out. Hopefully the smell will clear by tomorrow, as my other jeans are still in the laundry. Oh well. However, it was amusing because as we were getting ready to leave, who shows up but dr4b and mh75 with some other people to hang out for a while before Deanna and Eli have to catch their plane back to the 'burgh. :)

Fwomp. Bedtime, methinks.

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