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yay friends

So Friday night dr4b and mh75 and their menfolk went out to dinner with us (mmm teriyaki) and then came to visit our house. Much fun with playing with cats and catnip and duct tape ensued. Yay!

Saturday afternoon was DnD, although we really didn't get any adventuring done because by the time everyone was there some of us had to leave, plus a friend's 6-week-old baby was very upset/sick and kept crying the whole time. Poor baby, and poor mommy too. :( I still had fun socializing with people though, which is always a bonus.

After DnD we came home to feed cats and change clothes to go to a party some other friends were holding for all the Immunex folks who can't come to our wedding. That was nice, I had a good time there and got to know a few more people better. Even received a few presents, including a pot of catnip and a pair of beautiful blue glass goblets with dragons etched on them.

Now I've got about an hour before I leave for my garden intern thing, so I'm just finishing up some stuff that fell behind this week. Got lots of sleep in spite of the daylight savings thing, which is also a good thing. And there is a cat on my lap to boot. :)