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the humpty dance is your chance

I fixed my car stereo system! W0000000000TTTTTTTT!!!!!!

happy dance, happy dance, this is my bouncy happy dance

(back story)
So two weeks ago when we were going to Bellingham, my speakers cut out. Power was still getting to the stereo, but no sound was making it to the speakers. After determining that it was not an engine problem, I let it be. Today I started messing with everything I could - yanked out the stereo to check the connections, opened and reclosed the fuse, checked the connections in the trunk, all to no avail. I'm starting up the car to put it in the garage, and decided to turn on the stereo one more time just to see if it worked....and it did!!!! W00t!!! Now I can go driving in the happy warm sunny day in my big honking car with TUNES!!!! Booyaaaah!!!!