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time for another larger than life project

And this time, it's a quilt! :)

A friend of mine has made quilts before, and she's shown me some of the pieces she's working on right now. It looks like fun, and not too hard, so I've decided to make one for our bedroom. I picked out a pattern today, and am scaling it up to fit a queen-size bed, then off to the fabric store to acquire fabric and other sundries. It's going to be purple and dark blue and another color (teal? periwinkle? who knows?) on a light grey background. Fwee.

Hopefully I can finish this project in less than the 2.8 years it took me to do the cross stitch (of which it took me the last 0.8 year to get around to doing the 2 hours of outlining to finish it!). At any rate, the promise of a pretty bedspread is definitely an incentive.

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