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Something I forgot to mention yesterday is that during DnD yesterday we determined that your Charisma modifier indicates the size of certain attributes. ;) So when the dryad started trying to sleep with the angel guy (+5 charisma), we knew exactly why. Muahahah!

Skiing was great, but the weather sucked - intermittent fog with occasional rain. And while my snow pants are snow-proof, they're not waterproof, as I discovered while riding the lifts after it'd been raining for a while. I'm glad that my ass is dry again now.

I think I did very well today, especially considering the heavy fog and wet snow. I'm doing turns much better, I can now do a hockey stop, and my right turn is morphing into a 2-ski turn. My left turn is still a 1-ski turn (lift the other foot out of the way), but since I'm right side dominant that makes sense. Only truly wiped out twice, and only had one or two other falls. I'm getting better at judging speed and avoiding catching edges on my turns, which will make doing harder/steeper runs much easier. Yay!

Food now. Then sit in front of fire and read. :)

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