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-just before driving to bellingham the stereo-speaker connection in my car cuts out, shit, we drive ezzie's car
-picked up wedding rings, they're fabulous
-drive back to bothell, buy tickets for 10pm showing of Blade II
-movie kicked ass - if you liked Blade you'll like the sequel too
-go poof into bed at 1am

-get up at 7:30am to go to herb class
-good herb class, also identified something he grows that also grows in my yard, yay!
-meet Christy at starbucks (mmm hot chocolate) and go to ikea
-find lots of furniture that I want....darn no money
-get wood box thingy and a spices print, plus some flowerpots to transplant tomato plants
-get home, leave again
-rent skis for tomorrow
-it's sunny and warm!!
-play DnD for hours - I kick ass when fighting against an Ent, as I use Plant Defiance to scare it away, then Soften Earth to trap it ('cause someone's sword got stuck in it before it ran away); prior to this had this weird happy hallucinatory mostly naked dance thanks to a pixie dragon; ezzie's character got to fuck a dryad
-come home, feed kitties, bed (hopefully) by 11

-get up at 6am
-go skiing
-get home around 6pm