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Christy and Kathy came over last night and helped me make decisions about my wedding dress. The consensus (and my original thought) is that it looks better plain, with no crinoline under it. Thus I need to send it back to have it shortened by 5 inches. Christy also designed a way to add more bustling hooks and buttons to pull up more of the skirt so that I can dance in it. Hopefully I can communicate all of this clearly to the seamstress! :) The work should only take a day, if that, so hopefully it won't take long to get it back. I'm not looking forward to dealing with Customs again, though.

Meeting this morning, despite the fact that the boss is in Hilton Head playing golf. At least I have something to present, even though it's not very important or relevant. :p

jnanacandra just sent me their itinerary for the visit in July. Yaaaaay!!

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