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thursday thursday

Christy and Kathy came over last night and helped me make decisions about my wedding dress. The consensus (and my original thought) is that it looks better plain, with no crinoline under it. Thus I need to send it back to have it shortened by 5 inches. Christy also designed a way to add more bustling hooks and buttons to pull up more of the skirt so that I can dance in it. Hopefully I can communicate all of this clearly to the seamstress! :) The work should only take a day, if that, so hopefully it won't take long to get it back. I'm not looking forward to dealing with Customs again, though.

Meeting this morning, despite the fact that the boss is in Hilton Head playing golf. At least I have something to present, even though it's not very important or relevant. :p

jnanacandra just sent me their itinerary for the visit in July. Yaaaaay!!


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Mar. 21st, 2002 09:12 am (UTC)
Where is the seamstess? It might make more sense to find someone local to make the modifications. No customs to deal with.

If I remember correctly the seamstess is in Canada. (otherwise ignore this)
You might want to drive over the boarder and then find someplace to send it from (like a mailboxes etc..) That way to get one trip through costoms taken care of. My experience is that costoms getting into Canada is a lot worse than costoms getting into the US. You should also make sure that it is well documented that this has gone through costoms before and it is just get a few modifications. Include this documentation in the customs paperwork.
Mar. 21st, 2002 01:12 pm (UTC)
Re: Seamstess
Yes, she is located in Canada, in Nova Scotia in the Atlantic timezone. So customs going into Canada is a lot worse than customs getting out of Canada? We're going up to Bellingham tomorrow to get our rings from Jim Binnion, perhaps it would be worth it to nip up to Vancouver while we're at it. Hm......

The dress is simply being returned for a few modifications - the front hem needs to be raised 5 inches (which involves removing the lace, raising the hem, reattaching the lace for 3 different dress layers), sloping the new hem to match the old one, and adding extra buttons and loops for the bustle. They're calling me back tomorrow before I send it, so I suppose I can see if there is a tailor around here that they would trust. I'm just paranoid about someone messing it up at this point - it's so perfect, except for me stepping on it due to length!! :)
Mar. 21st, 2002 01:34 pm (UTC)
Re: Seamstess
I'm glad you like your dress so much. I'm sure it'll be beautiful. :o)

I got my second fitting last Saturday. Was fun and amusing to see how the thing will looked bustled. Wish a long beautiful train wasn't impossible to dance in. I have a big enough butt as it is. :oP

I'm jealous that you get to visit Jim and Terry (and that you get your rings). Please say hi for me. Hopefully ours are in some stage of being worked on. From what Terry told me, he's received a lot of orders lately (which is of course a good thing for him).

Mar. 21st, 2002 02:16 pm (UTC)
Re: Seamstess
Yeah, Jim and Terry are neat people. When we visited in December to order and get sized correctly we met them, their two cats, and saw lots of nifty stuff. They've got lots of dragon stuff, and gave us hot spiced cider to boot. :) The kitties were friendly, as well as the people. Maybe I'll ask if I can see what you guys got.... ;) What did you order, anyway? Ours are white gold/silver/red gold.

As for the long train, get a good bustle and you'll be fine. My train is six feet long, and bustled as it is now is perfectly fine to walk around in. We'll add another three loops and two buttons to put the sides up on, at which point I can dance in it just fine. After dragging Ezzie to all the dance lessons, I'm not going to let the dress keep me from dancing with him! :D
Mar. 21st, 2002 02:31 pm (UTC)
Re: Seamstess
I remember him having cute love slut kitties. :o) Our rings are going to be 14k white gold, pure gold (pretty much a 24k yellow gold) and 14k rose gold.

Atleast none of us are getting the exact same rings. (?) What you two got sounds similar to what jnanacandra and meerkat299 have if I remember correctly.

I can't wait to get rings. Now if only I'd remember to make Ethan call about ring bearer stuff (and I called about flower girl stuff). Heh.

I don't remember the length of my train, but it's definitely of the six foot variety. I'm pretty sure it'll be bustled well. And if it isn't, the "oldest bridal shop in Pittsburgh" will have my wrath. ::evil grin:: I'm sure it'll be lovely. One of the aspects of my dress is buttons down the back, so they'll be taken advantage of for the bustle (reinforced, of course). Speaking of bustles, it's frightening how frigging heavy those things get when the huge ass trains are so that you're actually carrying the weight.
Mar. 21st, 2002 03:51 pm (UTC)
Re: Seamstess
Well, hk and jc's rings were a custom mix with some yellow gold along with the white gold and silver, and they're etched. I can't remember if they got rose gold too or not. Ours are a standard white gold/silver/rose gold mix, not etched. Fwee.

Going through the metal detectors at the airport might prove interesting, as I'll be wearing them on the chain around my neck for the trip out there. ;) Plus having my dress as a carry-on in a box......
Mar. 21st, 2002 07:05 pm (UTC)
Re: Seamstess
What Joy said, plus rose gold. I wanted to try the white/silver/rose combo, but J didn't think it would look right (this is Heather btw, abusing J's computer). It'll be neat to compare how all the different combinations look.

Oh, and are you ever going to tell us wedding party types what we should wear?? :)
Mar. 21st, 2002 07:40 pm (UTC)
Re: Seamstess
What?? I'm confused now. :(

You have a bridesmaid dress and Jarrett has ordered a tux. Wear whatever shoes/jewelry/hairstyle you feel is appropriate to the outfit and ceremony. For rehearsal dinner, don't wear jeans (that request is from teh ezzie mommy), instead wear something nice. For wedding day before changing into formal clothes, wear whatever you want that won't ruin your hair when you take it off.

That's it, I think........ :( :( :( I don't need to dictate your clothes, I think.......

argh. I should just go away now I'm taking everything badly now. see my recent post if you're confused.
Mar. 21st, 2002 07:55 pm (UTC)
Re: Seamstess
I was replying to Cortney - we're all set for yours :)

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