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Paramount is releasing the ENTIRE series of Star Trek:The Next Generation as a series of 7 boxed DVD sets, 7 DVDs per set. Released one every other month, starting in March. This is cool, 'specially considering how much TNG Ezzie and I watch now. Not like anything else is ever on TV, even with digital cable.
Linkage: http://www.startrek.com/news/productnews.asp?ID=122425

In other news, my mom's kitten came through her spay and declaw with flying colors and is at home recuperating with Mom. Plenty of pain meds and and antibiotics, plus Mom stayed home from work today to care for her. And yes, I wish she hadn't declawed her, but I tried my best to convince her not to and it didn't work. :( At least the kitten seems to be perfectly okay and in no pain, and I suppose it's well enough since the resident 13 year old cat is declawed too. But anyway, hugs to Star!

And my kitties forgave me for bathing them about two hours after it was over, i.e. after they managed to dry off. Though why they think licking themselves makes them dry faster, I have no idea. :)


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Jan. 12th, 2002 09:12 am (UTC)
Cats' tongues always seem to be fairly saliva-free, too me. So it isn't really adding water to their fur.

And due to the "scaly-ness" of a cat's tongue that helps it cup water (like for drinking), they can probably remove a lot of the water from their fur by licking it.
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