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it's here!!

I spent most of today obsessively checking FedEx's website. Wasn't here by lunch, so spent lunch looking out the window. Checked again after back at work - it had arrived at 1:32pm. Called ezzie00 to go outside and bring it in. Came home and opened it.

Wow. My wedding dress is really, really amazing. It does take an additional person to get me into it, and it may take 2 more people if I have a hairdo to keep neat. There's also no way I can wear makeup beforehand and have it work out, so I'll have to do it after I put the dress on. It fits wonderfully, except that it is a little bit too long. I tried on my dance shoes with it, and the extra inch helps a lot. We also need to add more stuff to bustle the train with, as it is so big that even bustled, I can't really go backwards in it. I"ll email the woman who made it and get her opinion - it's possible to send it back and forth again, but I don't know if I want to deal with that or not.