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snow, wedding, friends, food

It's sporadically and spastically snowing, so that it's unsure whether going anywhere is safe. Kirkland had 2 inches when I was in class, and very low visibility on the highway. Our house is wet but no accumulation. Weird.
Argh. I am very annoyed at Denby (a china company). We picked out a nice casual dish pattern back in October, and today one of the aunts emailed me to tell me it's been discontinued. Now I have to go out and find something else I like, because companies are fucktards. At least we had not received any of it, so there's no matching problem.
My dress has cleared customs and is somewhere in the Seattle area. I'm hoping for a delivery today!
Timmy and Sarah are here, although none of us have any real desire to do anything so we're kind of floating around the house. Obsidian is still being a little skittish, but is better so far.
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