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powering down

Today was a good day where I got stuff done, gently kept my boss in his place, and had most everything go pretty well. Was in a quiet mood when I got home, and just wanted to read for a while. Wedding dress still isn't here yet, in spite of my obsessive checking of FedEx's website. Baked kitty treats from a mix I got at the pet food store. Cleaned house in preparation of Sarah and Timmy's visit tomorrow.

I picked up one of those spray/wiper mop thingies (think Swiffer but I had the Clorox version) today for mopping the floors around here. It works well for picking up dirt, but does not pick up fuzz and hair, so I recommend a double whammy of the mop to scoot all the fuzz/hair into a pile and then a paper towel to pick it up. Much easier than spraying 409 on the floor or actually buying a real mop and dealing with it and a bucket of water. I give it a B.

I think I will go to bed now. :)

Oh yeah, I thought of a nice present to give to my mom at my wedding and I want to write it down so I don't forget it. It's simple and hopefully not too expensive - a "mother's pendant" with the birthstones of her, Jade, me, and Ezzie. Now to just remember to look for one at some point, as well as figure out gifts for Ezzie's mom and Thea. :)