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hangup phone calls

Today while I was home at lunch I got a hangup phone call. I started thinking about that, and we get a lot of those - both when we're home, and answering machine messages that are just the sound of someone hanging up. It's rather odd, in my opinion.

Got my hair trimmed, and good news - it only needed about an inch and a half taken off, not 2-3 inches as I had thought. Yay! Plus she decided to curl my hair, so I've got some pretty spiral curls in it right now. We'll see how long they last - my hair's so heavy they usually pull out pretty fast, but she sprayed them a bit too so maybe they'll still be around when Ezzie gets home today. Perhaps one day I'll buy a curling iron and learn how to do it myself.

ezzie00 went to turn in our tax stuff to H&R Block for them to prepare our taxes for next year. It looks like we're getting a significant chunk of change back, between Imnx witholding too much from me, the mortgage credit, and both of our tuition adjustments (he's filing an amended 2000 return to get his credit). I'm aware that getting lots of $$ back at tax time indicates you should increase deductions and so on, so as to avoid giving the .gov a tax/interest free loan, but at this point this is a very helpful windfall. I'll contact HR soon to adjust my deductions, as soon as we figure out what they should be.

More rumors are flying around work about what the merger is going to do to us. Sigh. I just want to know whether I need to start job shopping now or if I'm safely staying here in Seattle.


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Mar. 12th, 2002 12:55 pm (UTC)
We get about a billion telemarketers. If they use an auto-dialer, they will dial a bunch of numbers at the same time. They then answer the first person who picks up, and hang up on the rest of the numbers. This results in a lot of phone calls that match what you describe.

We have a two-pronged approach to combat them: 1) if we answer a telemarketer, we always tell them to remove us from their list and 2) we now have a tele-zapper that tells autodialers that our number is invalid. The tele-zapper seems to be working better than method 1.

As an aside, this is also why it is really important to leave a message if you call our house and get the machine. There are many times when we let the answering maching screen out the telemarketers for us.

About the job market - i keep hearing how bio-medical research is the strongest market in Seattle. (now that high tech has folded.) Good luck.
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