Alegria (alegria_a) wrote,

so, where have I been?

It's been nearly three months since I posted on LJ.

There are a myriad of reasons for this, ranging from spending more time in other activities to being busy at work (where I often post from). However, the biggest reason was that I did not want to post anymore, I did not want to read my friends list anymore, and so I took a break from the whole thing. As of today, I've greatly pruned my friends list (including communities and feeds), to really only keep the people who I see in person occasionally.

This post is public so that everyone who still keeps me on their friends list can see it if they wish.

I intend no ill will to those who I have simply drifted away from over time, most of this is simply due to physical distance or general life distance. I wish all of my friends the best in their lives, even if we are no longer close. May you all have a lovely 2007 and may you continue to work towards fulfilling your dreams.
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