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caffeine and monday

Last night was fun. A friend's wife is going to be selling Mary Kay makeup/skin stuff while she goes back to school to bring in some money, and about two weeks ago she had a MK party at her house that I went to. I liked the makeup that I got to try, and my mom said it's good stuff, so I hosted one so I could pick up some stuff. It was a lot of fun - four female engineers, who don't want to spend lots of time doing makeup, yet want to be able to do it occasionally. And all of us are petite and blonde, which was further amusing. :) So I wound up with a nice set of makeup that I got taught how to use, and a little sampler of hand care stuff for hosting. Plus a fun evening yakking about work and generally having female bonding stuff. Of course, ezzie00 hid in the basement playing Tribes and Myst:Exile the whole time.
Obsidian (my boycat) is still amazingly skittish around people in the house. He won't come upstairs if anyone new is in the house, and nearly scratched me badly when I tried to bring him upstairs. He just hides inside the chair in the basement, unless either Ezzie or I am down there with him. Onyx (the girlcat) is just fine with people, and had fun watching us do stuff and tried to sniff the makeup before settling down in front of the fire. I wish there was something I could do for Obsidian - hopefully he'll grow out of it. :(
Did my monthly trip to Barnes and Noble yesterday. Picked up Defenders of the Wild which is the AD&D 3rd Ed supplement for rangers/barbarians/druids, a book on at-home pet grooming, Serpent's Shadow by Mercedes Lackey, a novel about the first year of Starfleet, and Starship Troopers by Heinlen. All this just goes on the pile to be read - I'm still only partway through the third Dune book, and I have the fourth and fifth to read as well. However, I can only really read Dune well if I have at least an hour to devote to it, as I have to remember all the political stuff that's in it and that just doesn't work for a quick read during lunchtime. Well, if all else fails I've got the cross country flights for the wedding. :)
Hopefully work won't be so crazy this week. Today I'm prepping a column for someone that I'm helping out (and I won't ruin it this time!), and probably learning about the new TFF system that we are having installed today. Whee!

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