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Played DnD again today, and had one very amusing development. My character is a wood elf druid who is a bit shy, empathic, and has a wolf familiar, an intelligent staff, and shapeshifts into wolf form. Another character is a male Drow elf who is a bit mysterious, rather lethal, and who was abused by the matriarchal Drow society before he escaped. As such he is rather afraid of women, and will obey any elf woman just from conditioning. Today he realized that I was an elf, and so has attached himself to me as a guard/servant of the sort that male Drow tend to be towards their females. He walks behind and to my side, says "yes ma'am" and "no ma'am," and is in general a very polite, protective, submissive guy (who is cute in real life and as a character, with a charisma of 14). Now my character is a bit confused about this, as she's a gentle person who won't tell people what to do and would prefer to help people rather than just order them about. For now she's just letting him do what he wants, as when she asked him to not call her "ma'am" he got very upset, so she just accepts it for now and tries to be nice to him and not scare him.

But more or less I now have my very own Ian Nottingham (from Witchblade) with a few characteristics of Legolas following me around. Yum. :D

Now to enter in the day's batch of response cards, then address the extra invitations the mother in law wants sent. Whee!