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snow, cinnamon rolls, snow, sun

I made cinnamon rolls last night for my meeting today (we all take turns bringing in treats for the weekly meeting). They came out pretty well, and everybody loved them. :) They are teh nummy!!

It snowed. But it melted a little overnight so I still had to go to work. Bah.

Did work. Got ready to leave, and boss wants to go over paper. Have to wait until coworker returns from lunch (I had not taken lunch so as to finish work and leave early). Coworker returns, we go over paper, I get the hell out of Dodge before boss finds something else for me to do.

Not hungry yet, interestingly. Perhaps the cinnamon roll is a magic anti-hunger item that lasts for eight hours. I think a snack is in order - havarti and bremner wafers. mmmmm. Still have to clean up kitchen from making the cinnamon rolls though.

More ballroom dance lessons tonight. Then a friend comes to play darts. Tomorrow is herb study and then dnd. Whee!