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Friday evening.......

Today was productive, in spite of my meeting. ;)

Rollerbladed for a half hour after work, wow am I a wuss at that now. Wheezed a bit near the end, but was fine within 15 minutes - a vast improvement over Pittsburgh! Am still slightly sore, and I bet it'll be worse tomorrow, since I haven't bladed in about a year. We'll probably continue to blade about 2x a week, either at lunch or right after work. The corporate park is a pretty good place to do this, as it's got sidewalks everywhere and is mostly flat but with enough hills to be challenging. And the FDA office has two bar codes painted on the parking lot, one which says "Lasseiz Faire" and one that said something else that I don't remember. Was amusing.

Came home and became domesticity incarnate. So far I've vacuumed the house, gotten groceries, cleaned the kitchen, and put away the clean dishes. Still need to straighten up the bedroom and determine how much laundry to do tomorrow. After dinner is bills/budget for this pay period, including paying off wedding dress (eekyay!), and I should probably email my grandmother. Then to finish the last eight or so wedding invitations so I can mail them tomorrow (double eep!) Also need to do my readings for today, and try to squeeze in some xylophone practice. All beforee 10pm, when I'll take my shower and then go fetch ezzie00 from the airport.

omigod weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!